South American Spinner Brutally Throat Fucked For Being Late

Buchanon Worldwide | 32:46

This little 85 pound South American showed up 3.5 hours late to the shoot. So I taught her a lesson in punctuality. I start fucking her face roughly and she holds on to me for dear life. I fuck her face so hard her body is coming off the ground. I hold her down on my cock and don't let her up to breathe. I roughly and brutally throat fuck her, choke her and slap her. I fuck her roughly in various positions. I make her do a back bend and put my cock all the way in her mouth and pick her up and throat fuck her. I continue to brutally rough her up and make her lick my asshole and the sweat off of my body. I blow a huge load on her face and tell her not to be late next time!!!

Site: Hoby Buchanon

Model: South American Spinner