Rebel Rhyder Returns For Rough Anal

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Rebel Rhyder first made her Hoby's Hotties debut 2 years ago when she was brand new to the industry. She went on to be voted the 1st ever Hoby's Hotties Performer of the Year by the fans. Now she is a big star and back for rough anal sex! I start with her blindfolded, collared and leashed. I drag her to her knees, slap her face and begin fucking her mouth. I spit on her, slap her more and put all my fingers down her throat. I fuck her face more then I bend over and have her eat my ass. After I get done sitting on her face I throat fuck her and rough her up some more. Then I bend her over the couch, put my fingers down her throat and finger her pussy roughly with my whole hand inside of her. I then begin fucking her pussy before quickly switching to her asshole. I then have her ride me with my cock in her ass before having her bend over the couch and get roughly throat fucked. I cover her eyes with my hand and pound my fist down on the back of her head a few times while she's throating my cock. I then figure 4 her head with my legs and fish hook her. After that she rides me reverse cowgirl with my cock in her ass. I switch to POV with my cock pounding her asshole then I give her a surprise! I flip her upside down on the couch and slap her titties and face and give her some more spit. She passes out briefly then i throat fuck her again and pick her up in the air and pound her asshole with my cock. I then POV face fuck her and have her clean out my asshole with her tongue. I pound her asshole rougher from behind, POV and missionary on the bed. She then licks, sucks and deepthroats my feet and toes. I roughly throat fuck her from side view and POV and spit in her face. Finally, I blow my load all the way up her asshole and it drips onto the bed and she licks it up. After the shoot she asks where the bathroom is and I tell her she's a dirty girl and needs to clean off so I throw her in the pool. Rebel has once again shown us why she was the first ever Hoby's Hotties Performer of the Year!

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Model: Rebel Rhyder