Emma Hix BTS From Her First Shoot

Buchanon Worldwide | 1:38:00

AVN Award nominee Emma Hix has shot 3 scenes for HobyBuchanon.Com. This Behind the Scenes is from her first scene and starts with us setting up for the mystery girl part where I show her body off to the camera. We then go to the living room for BTS of the Hoby's Hotties pics in front of the banner. We then switch to a close-up shot for the BTS of the mouth-open gag pics that are taken from the video. We go back to the bedroom as she changes into her outfit for the shoot and asks me if we're going to fuck in there. We then switch to the beginning of the scene and the do's and dont's part then switch to BTS of us discussing the start of the shoot and I begin fucking her face. Next I eat her pussy and fuck her and she fixes her hair in the camera while I set up for the next part. She sucks my dick and rides it then I eat her pussy and ass from behind and fuck her hard. I flip her upside down on a chair and deepthroat face fuck her and spit is running down her face. BTS of us setting up for the next part and her bending over with her asshole and pussy close up to the camera and sucking my dick. She rides my dick and we set up for the next part and she says she should have worn waterproof makeup as tears and spit cover her face. She sucks my dick POV then rides it then asks me not to drop her as I pick her up and fuck her hard. BTS of her masturbating on the couch with a vibrator. Next is POV deepthroating then I bend over and she licks my asshole. BTS of us setting up for the next position and her eating my ass and sucking my cock more. She asks me to fuck her while using the vibrator. I fuck her hard and stand on the couch and fuck her face. She POV deepthroats my cock and rides it. Next I handcuff her and put an open mouth gag on her and put my fingers down her throat. I face fuck her while she's handcuffed and sit on her face. I take her to the bedroom and pound her pussy hard from behind. I switch to POV and she rides my cock then I nut inside of her. BTS of us talking afterward and of her 1st time surprise in the shower post scene!

Site: Hoby Buchanon

Model: Emma Hix