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April 3, 2020

Emori Pleezer Gets Her Roughest Face Fuck Ever

Hoby's Hotties 2019 Performer of the Year nominee Emori Pleezer returns in what she tells us all is the roughest she's ever been face fucked, slapped, choked & spit on! She starts by telling us she's here to take the dick all the way down her throat. I have her lick all over my body and worship her master before taking my dick out. I fuck her big tits with my boxers still on and slap her and put my fingers down her throat. I begin roughly fucking her face and have her eat my ass. I flip her upside down on the couch and get balls deep in her throat. She is gagging and eating my ass more. I slap and choke her and switch to POV and fuck her face harder. I stand up and fuck her face even more. I sit down and have her get on the couch next to me on her knees and bend over and take my cock down her throat until she's gasping for air. I fuck her face on the couch in a laying 69 then take her to the bed and fuck her face in a reverse 69 until spit is covering the whole bed. This is the sloppiest, nastiest face fuck ever. I make her eat my ass more and continue to roughly throat fuck, choke and slap her. She tells me off camera this is the roughest she's ever gotten it so I ask her to tell us what she said. I put her up gainst the wall and fuck her skull into it. I spit in her face repeatedly and she asks for more! I blow a big load all over her slutty face! Emori just got her roughest face fuck EVER!
March 27, 2020

Sophia Lux Gets It Rougher Than Ever

Sophia Lux stopped by to see Hoby in what turns out to be her final adult film. She gets it rougher than she ever has in this one!!! I walk up and put her on her knees and stretch her mouth out & put her in a headlock. I start fucking her face while she's sitting on the couch and she gags spit all over herself. I fuck her hard from behind and have her suck my cock POV & eat my ass before riding my dick. I flip her upside down on the couch and fuck her face and deepthroat her, she is gagging spit everywhere! I put my fingers down her throat to gag her and then she sticks her fingers down her throat and gags herself. Daddy brings her to the camera and chokes her. I have her deepthroat my cock POV before fucking her more. I fuck her face and figure 4 her in a laying 69. I mount her while she is sitting on the couch and put my legs over her shoulders and fuck her face hard. I step on her head and pound her tight fuck box from behind. I fuck her face even rougher in the bedroom and spit is covering her face and body. I slap her face and tits and choke her and rub the spit all over her face. Sophia looks into the camera and says she "gets it now, daddy likes to make her choke on his cock". I pound her from behind and give her a throat pie. Sophia was a good girl for Daddy!
March 17, 2020

Mazzy Grace Likes It Rough

Beautiful blonde Mazzy Grace comes by to see Hoby & tells us that she likes to be fucked ROUGH! I start by having her get my dick hard through my shorts and take it out and have her swallow it all. I fuck her face and put my fingers down her throat and slap her and the tears are already coming down her cheeks. I choke her and put my cock back in her mouth. I eat her pretty pussy before plunging my cock into it and slamming her roughly. I put her in a headlock choke and stretch out her mouth. I fuck her face hard POV style and then continue slamming her pussy and stretching out her mouth at the same time. I flip her upside down and throat her. I figure 4 her head down on my cock with my legs in a laying 69. I fuck her more roughly and take her to the bedroom and have her grab her heels and fuck her face. I continue pounding her tight pussy as she begs for it hard. She eats my ass and I handcuff her and mouth gag her for more throat fucking. I fuck her more and she wont stop grinding on my cock! I flip her upside down and pin her arms down and fuck her throat until i come all the way inside it! I come into the bathroom and give her one last surprise. Mazzy Grace likes it ROUGH!!!

New shoots are added every week. There are also bonus shoots added including behind the scenes & alternate camera angles. All videos include unlimited streaming and downloads. The members area will include pictures of every model from every shoot.

March 23, 2020

Sophia Lux

March 7, 2020

Mazzy Grace

March 4, 2020

Nella Jones

New shoots are added every week. There are also bonus shoots added including behind the scenes & alternate camera angles. All videos include unlimited streaming and downloads. The members area will include pictures of every model from every shoot.

April 5, 2020

Coming Friday: Teen Leda Lotharia Returns For One Of The Roughest Nastiest Throat Fucks Ever

Teen Leda Lotharia is back to see Daddy. She got it really rough the first time, but that is nothing compared to this epic, rough, sloppy throat fuck. You'll have to see this one to believe it! Coming Friday April 10!
April 1, 2020

Coming Tuesday April 7: Amateur Model Ziva Screaming Teary Eyed Face Fuck BTS

Coming Tuesday from the most viewed shoot in Hoby Buchanon history, the amateur model face fucked by fake photographer behind the scenes bonus scene!!! Find out what really happened fro the time she shows up & does the paperwork, wardrobe, scene discussion, pics, outtakes from the scene and what happens post scene!! Here's an inside look that you don't often get to see. Coming Tuesday only for subscribers of HobyBuchanon.Com.
March 29, 2020

Coming Friday: Hoby’s Hotties Performer of the Year Nominee EmoriPleezer Returns

Big Tits Latina Emori Pleezer returns & says this is the roughest face fuck she's EVER gotten. Watch daddy slap, choke & face fuck Emori hard, have her eat his ass and tae a giant load to the face!!! Coming Friday!!
April 7, 2020

Behind The Scenes Fake Photographer Shoot

Here is the BTS from one of the most popular amateur shoot I've ever done. Find out if I really blind folded amateur model Ziva Fey & face fucked her or if it was all staged. Scene starts from the time she starts signing the paperwork all the way until she is leaving after the shoot. Find out what really happened!!!
March 31, 2020

Mazzy Grace BTS/Outtakes From Her 2nd Rough Scene

Beautiful model Mazzy Grace stopped by to see Hoby again. The full shoot will be available April 17. Here is the BTS from that shoot. We start talking in the living room when she arrives. She is wearing a track suit and unzips her top & has nothing on underneath. We talk some and start making out. We go to the bedroom to change for the photo shoot. BTS of the photo shoot is included. We go back to the bedroom to change clothes again and start making out on the bed and up against the wall. I eat her pussy a little and take more pics. I have her put on her lingerie for the shoot and show the camera and we start making out. I throw her on the bed and rub my dick on her clit as she begs me to fuck her. Her eyes roll back in her head when I finally put it in. We start the shoot with the interview outtakes and more outtakes of what happens when I normally edit those parts out. The shoot ends with her saying she had a great time! Check out the full scene Friday April 17!
January 8, 2020

19 Yr Old Spinner Bonus BTS/Re-Edited Edition

This is one of the roughest/most popular/most controversial shoots in site history. I have re-edited the entire shoot to include both camera angles & 20 minutes of never before seen/behind the scenes footage. I cut nothing out and put in everything from the time I turn the camera on up until I turn it off. The scene starts as I turn on the camera and make sure its positioned correctly. I bring in the 19 yr old and set up to throw her on the bed, but I have her deepthroat me first. I throw her on the bed and start slapping her little titties and body. I jam my cock in her mouth and start to roughly fuck her face and slap and choke her while asking her age & weight, I spit in her mouth several times. I have her eat my ass and she goes straight for it. I can tell she'd rather eat ass so I jam my cock back down her throat. The camera continues to roll throughout as I never cut anything out in this version. I flip her upside down and fuck her throat more roughly until her eyes roll back in her head. I continue to slap and spit on her throughout the shoot. She says she can't take it but accepts my cock in her throat more. I take her shorts off and roughly finger fuck her til she's screaming. I try to put the tip of my dick in her tight teenage cunt but it's too tight to fit. She asks for water so I dump the bottle on her head. She struggles against me as I continue to pound her throat with my cock. She starts to have a nervous breakdown and I stretch her mouth out and tell her it's time to take this load. She violently jerks me off as I bust all over her face. The camera keeps rolling as I tell her she did a great job and she tells us she like the rough stuff and more!!!