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February 21, 2020

Daphne Dare Gets Fucked Too Hard & Cums Twice

Pretty Daphne Dare requested to come see Hoby. We start by going over what I'm going to do to her today. I tell her to get my dick hard before taking it out then start fucking her face and slapping her titties. I slap her face and put my shirt over her head and fuck her face more. I tell her to deepthroat it. I eat her pretty little pussy before putting my cock in it. Her pussy is very tight. I start fucking her hard and she is moaning and says it's too hard. I ask why and she says my dick is hitting her cervix. I start fucking her roughly again and she says it's hurting her. I fuck her hard some more and she says it's too big, then she cums. I continue fucking her face and slap her and she says it's too hard, so I choke her instead. I fuck her tight pussy more and she cums again. I go to move the camera and she tells me i have a really nice cock. I have her eat my ass for an extended time from multiple angles. I fuck her face and pussy more in multiple positions before blowing my load all over her face!!!
February 14, 2020

Lexi Grey Wants Daddy To Hurt Her

Lexi Grey is back & wants Daddy to hurt her! We start with behind the scenes before the shoot starts of Lexi telling us her Do's & Dont's, in summary she doesn't have any Dont's. She wants roughed up in all 3 holes! She keeps begging me to hurt her off camera so I make her tell the camera what she wants as I start to slap her face and tits. I start fucking her from behind roughly and then I finger her ass and pussy holes. I have her throat my cock before telling her to get ready for the shoot. The scene starts with Lexi in her room with a butt plug in her ass. Daddy comes home and starts fucking her roughly from behind. I choke slap and spit on her while taking turns fucking her face, pussy and asshole. I rough her up as she begs for more. I take her in the bathroom and cool her off. I take her downstairs and throw her against the wall. She's begging me to rough her up and punch her, she gets her wish throughout the rest of the shoot. I skull fuck her more and slap her around repeatedly. I take her to the game room and fuck her ass & face on the couch. I take her upstairs and continue pounding her throat and tossing her around. I give her another surprise and then throw her on the bed. I fuck her ass, pussy and face more before cumming inside her. Lexi got just what she wanted today!
February 7, 2020

95 Lb Harmony Wonder Tight Pussy Pounded & Face Fucked Hard By Daddy

Pretty little Harmony Wonder came over to play golf. She wanted to tan by the pool so I brought her some suntan oil. She asked me to help her put it on her half naked body. Harmony never makes it to the pool as I pick her up in the air and start pounding her tight little fuck box. I fuck her face til she gags then I take her inside and pound her sweet pussy on the pool table. I put her on her knees and fuck her face hard and hold her nose. I pound her face and pussy more and take her to the couch. I have her eat my ass and pound her tight holes more. After Daddy is done dominating his little girl I blow my load all over her pretty little face! Harmony is a good girl!

New shoots are added every week. There are also bonus shoots added including behind the scenes & alternate camera angles. All videos include unlimited streaming and downloads. The members area will include pictures of every model from every shoot.


January 8, 2020

19 Yr Old Spinner Bonus BTS/Re-Edited Edition

This is one of the roughest/most popular/most controversial shoots in site history. I have re-edited the entire shoot to include both camera angles & 20 minutes of never before seen/behind the scenes footage. I cut nothing out and put in everything from the time I turn the camera on up until I turn it off. The scene starts as I turn on the camera and make sure its positioned correctly. I bring in the 19 yr old and set up to throw her on the bed, but I have her deepthroat me first. I throw her on the bed and start slapping her little titties and body. I jam my cock in her mouth and start to roughly fuck her face and slap and choke her while asking her age & weight, I spit in her mouth several times. I have her eat my ass and she goes straight for it. I can tell she'd rather eat ass so I jam my cock back down her throat. The camera continues to roll throughout as I never cut anything out in this version. I flip her upside down and fuck her throat more roughly until her eyes roll back in her head. I continue to slap and spit on her throughout the shoot. She says she can't take it but accepts my cock in her throat more. I take her shorts off and roughly finger fuck her til she's screaming. I try to put the tip of my dick in her tight teenage cunt but it's too tight to fit. She asks for water so I dump the bottle on her head. She struggles against me as I continue to pound her throat with my cock. She starts to have a nervous breakdown and I stretch her mouth out and tell her it's time to take this load. She violently jerks me off as I bust all over her face. The camera keeps rolling as I tell her she did a great job and she tells us she like the rough stuff and more!!!
December 2, 2019

Sub Slut Amethyst Blindfolded, Handcuffed, Mouth Gagged & Throat Pied

Submissive first time amateur slut Amethyst requested to come see me. I blindfolded her, handcuffed her, mouth gagged her, slapped, choked, face fucked, made her eat my ass & throat pie her. This one gets pretty sloppy and messy for this 19 year old first timer!
October 15, 2019

Middle Aged Kindergarten Teacher Rough Throat Fuck, Choked, Spit on & Throat Pied

Here's an extra bonus scene featuring Sabrina, a real Kindergarten teacher that answered my ad. This one includes rough throat fucking, choking, slapping, spit on, ass eating & a throat pie!!!

New shoots are added every week. There are also bonus shoots added including behind the scenes & alternate camera angles. All videos include unlimited streaming and downloads. The members area will include pictures of every model from every shoot.

February 22, 2020

Viva Athena

February 15, 2020

Daphne Dare

February 2, 2020

Harmony Wonder